Confidential Care

At Kellum Stem Cell Institute, your privacy is paramount. Our expert team is dedicated to maintaining the utmost discretion, right from our initial interaction to treatment and subsequent check-ups. With our state-of-the-art outpatient procedures, we prioritize a swift process that facilitates your recovery, enhances your performance, and swiftly returns you to your active lifestyle.

Multiple Therapy Sessions Daily


We’ve collaborated with global athletes spanning various sports. Understanding the urgency of your swift recovery and return to the field, we’ve streamlined our process. Within a mere four hours, our skilled physicians can harness and apply your very own stem cells to diminish pain, curb inflammation, and boost your body’s intrinsic healing prowess. And the highlight? You’re set for an almost instantaneous recovery, primed to resume training as early as the next day.


Convenient Location

Nestled conveniently in Franklin, Tennessee, our US-based facility prioritizes your comfort and convenience. Should you need, we're equipped to coordinate transportation and lodging, allowing you to channel your energy entirely on recovery. Moreover, for a majority of our treatments, you have the flexibility to take a flight out on the very same day.