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Stem Cell Therapy

Unlock the innate healing potential of your body with stem cell therapy. Stem cells, nature's master cells, hold the key to regenerating tissues, reducing inflammation, and promoting overall healing. At our center, our dedicated in-house science team has delved deep into the world of stem cells, exploring the myriad types available in today's medical landscape.

Stem Cell Therapies Services

Discover our comprehensive range of stem cell therapy services tailored to address various medical conditions and promote natural healing and regeneration.

stem cell therapies for knee pain


Explore our orthopedic services designed to optimize mobility, alleviate pain, and enhance overall musculoskeletal health.

Autoimmune<br>Discover our specialized autoimmune services aimed at identifying, managing, and treating autoimmune disorders.


Discover our specialized autoimmune services aimed at identifying, managing, and treating autoimmune disorders.



Experience our advanced neurology services, specializing in cutting-edge stem cell therapies for various conditions.


Cardiology & Pulmonology

Encounter our specialized stem cell therapies for heart and lung conditions in cardiology and pulmonology.


Dr. Ethan Kellum, a sports medicine-trained orthopedic surgeon and team physician for the Tennessee Titans, is bringing regenerative orthopedics to Nashville, focusing on non-surgical interventions like bone marrow concentrate and platelet-rich plasma to treat musculoskeletal injuries. With a background including a fellowship in Boston and memberships in prestigious medical societies, Dr. Kellum is dedicated to holistic patient care, emphasizing nutrition, exercise, and complementary medicine alongside his surgical expertise. He aims to create a patient-centered environment that fosters overall health and well-being.

What are stem cells?

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Your Path to Wellness

Embark on your path to wellness today and experience the transformative journey towards a healthier and happier life.


Share your health objectives and concerns with our top-tier medical professionals.

Personalized Therapeutic Strategies

Benefit from a therapeutic strategy designed specifically for you, leveraging your own stem cells.

Embark on Recovery

Initiate your path towards enhanced well-being and a revitalized life.

With a team of renowned doctors at the helm, we remain at the forefront of regenerative medicine, ensuring our stem cell therapies are both cutting-edge and deeply effective.


Benefiting Kids with Cancer and P.U.N.T

Kellum Stem Cell Institute is proud to be partnering with Tennessee Native Dawson Knox to give back to a great cause.

Buy 3 pairs of Knox Sox in our office and be entered to win a personal Meet-and-Greet with Dawson Knox!
Join us in raising money for P.U.N.T. Pediatric Cancer Collaborative by purchasing sox at Kellum Stem Cell Institute’s Franklin location or by making a donation via the button below.

At Kellum Stem Cell Institute, we harness the incredible potential of stem cells to promote organic recovery and alleviate pain. Our therapeutic solutions stand as compelling alternatives to surgical interventions and prolonged reliance on medications.

Now Accepting Care Credit

At Kellum Stem Cell Institute, our priority is your well-being and comfort throughout your healthcare journey. We’re thrilled to introduce CareCredit, enhancing your experience by offering flexible payment options tailored for your needs.

CareCredit stands as a leading healthcare financing solution, enabling you to undergo essential treatments and spread the cost over an extended period. With tailored financing options and manageable monthly payments, your pursuit of our state-of-the-art stem cell therapies or holistic healing treatments becomes even more attainable.

To understand the full benefits of CareCredit and to see how it can complement your healthcare journey, we invite you to click below. Dive deep into its advantages, the application process, and more to make informed decisions about your health and finances.

Patient Success Stories

Read inspiring patient success stories showcasing the positive outcomes of our treatments and care.

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