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Drip IV Therapy delivers advanced nutritional interventions by channeling essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes straight into your veins. This powerful concoction rejuvenates, rehydrates, and revitalizes, providing immediate relief from fatigue, stress, and various health concerns.

At Kellum Stem Cell Institute, we customize your therapeutic experience based on your individual requirements, unveiling a myriad of health benefits. Those in Franklin can discover a wide array of IV mixtures and enhancements, catering to needs ranging from energy slumps and post-Covid signs to vitamin deficiencies and more.

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IV Therapy Solutions

Chronic Fatigue

Are you experiencing chronic fatigue, lack of focus, brain fog or just tired?


Are you feeling anxious, worried or depressed from the pressures of everyday life?

Immunity Boost

Has your immunity been compromised by post-COVID, or any other chronic health condition?


Different vitamin deficiencies can contribute to poor mental, physical and emotional health.

Our IV Therapy Process

Dr. Kellum, along with his dedicated team of holistic medical experts, ensures every initial consultation is comprehensive. We commit the time and care to truly grasp your health challenges. Through a detailed evaluation process, our seasoned staff pinpoints the optimal IV Therapy tailored just for you.

We collaborate with numerous specialized labs nationwide, dedicated to meticulously assessing your blood results. These in-depth analyses highlight specific areas where intravenous therapy can significantly enhance your health.

Our skilled team will reconvene with you to decipher your lab findings and chart out a tailored IV Therapy regimen, which most insurance providers cover.

Dr. Ethan Kellum, M.D.

At the Kellum Stem Cell Institute, our priority is a forward-thinking approach to your health and well-being. Our seasoned professionals offer deep medical insights into your present health, curating a specialized care strategy tailored to enhance athletic prowess, bolster immunity, combat persistent fatigue, aid weight loss, and more! Embark on a path to proactive health by scheduling an IV therapy session, which insurance typically covers.

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